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Download Your FREE Guide: 27 Ways to Make Your Change Work Faster, Easier and Better... Immediately!

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Who we work with

Business Leaders

We partner with you to identify and implement large scale change throughout your organization. 

Your leadership is needed, now more than ever. Shifts in markets, advances in technology and a more demanding workforce require change from your organization. Bold, clear direction is needed from the top accompanied by shared power across your entire business. Now is the time for you to systematically remove the obstacles between where you are and where you need to be. You believe empowering your people is smart. You are open to new ideas and approaches, curious to find better ways to serve your people and your customers. You don’t mind playing big. A key goal of yours?  To bring about real, lasting results for your organization, team and yourself.

You yearn to make a difference, to contribute beyond your normal day to day job. You want a partner – in thought and action. You need to get a jump start on your competition. Speed counts. You know you’ll benefit from a more change-able organization, one that will adapt better and faster to future demands than your competition. Not better just for today’s challenges but better prepared and capable of handling tomorrow’s too. You know the best path to getting there is to unleash the power of your entire organization. To get the energy in your organization working for you instead of against you.

You’re willing to rethink your beliefs, ready to explore the tried and true levers of Leverage Change. How do you get more done with less?  You’re motivated by making your organization a force to be reckoned with. You want to give your people the freedom to act within given parameters. You enjoy agreeing on goals on the front end and watching people reach their full potential in achieving them. 

Project/Team Leaders

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We provide counsel and resources to effectively implement changes within your team.

You may have been leading your team for some time or just taken on the job. You know the great teams you have been on in the past. How they got the job done. Trusted one another. Did their best work together because of each other. You had tough conversations when needed and celebrated well-earned victories. Change is needed now and you’re up to the task. Maybe you need to coach people as they develop new skills and competencies or bring new people on board to complete the team. You’re ready to partner with stakeholders, creating synergies that serve you, them and the entire organization. You want your people to say that this is the best team they’ve ever belonged to. You’re eager to share what you’ve learned along the way, enhancing the entire organization’s success. You know how important it is to better serve your internal customers and be a better customer for those that serve you. You, and your team, strive to achieve your vision every day. Your boss notices the difference you are making, the new and better results you’re delivering that are needed by so many. You help yourselves as you help others, a model for the rest of the organization.

Internal Change Consultants

We join you through coaching and on the ground support so you succeed in your efforts.

You’ve learned change methods and approaches – some have worked well, others you’ve left behind. Maybe you have a good deal of experience or you could be someone new to the field. You’re always on the lookout for how to further add value for your clients. You’re interested in turbocharging the results your clients achieve. You do substantive work that delivers to the bottom line. You’re invited to support important efforts in the business, to provide direction and guidance to others based on your knowledge and expertise. You pride yourself on providing exceptional support, far beyond what is expected. You’re an integral part of the teams you support. Leaders count on your thinking as they position their teams for success now and into the future.


External Change Practitioners

We deliver tools and advice to enhance the skills and abilities you’ve already developed. 

How can you further strengthen your business?  With Leverage Change there’s no need to replace your tried and tested methods or approaches. Keep doing what you’re doing and getting the success for your clients you’ve been getting. But you want more. The idea of even further advancing your efforts, to achieving faster, easier, better results, is the kind of thing that catches your eye. You’re a lifelong learner, motivated to take your game to the next level with the value you add for your clients. You bring thought leadership to your internal partners and clients. They count on you to push them, bringing leading-edge practices to the work you do with them. When there’s an opportunity to improve the work you are doing you’re an early adopter, getting ahead of your competition before they even know there are new options on the table. It’s time to extend your expertise in a continual journey of self-development.