Download Your FREE Guide: 27 Ways to Make Your Change Work Faster, Easier and Better... Immediately!

Download Your FREE Guide: 27 Ways to Make Your Change Work Faster, Easier and Better... Immediately!

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Leverage Change Book Companion Program

This program builds out lessons from the book as you follow Jake step by step through an example of how to apply the levers.  If you haven’t read the book yet, no worries.  You can reinforce insights you gain from the companion program by reading the book after you complete this video experience.

Jake will walk you through the levers one by one as your personal coach, explaining how you can get more results with fewer headaches, hassles and problems.  He’ll also lead you through a proven process for identifying smart, strategic actions that will make a difference – to either get your project back on track or turbocharge successes you’re already enjoying.

Leverage Change Book Companion Program

A Streaming Video Series

Leverage Change introduced a new paradigm – a path to faster, easier, better results for anyone, in any organization, making any change.  This Companion Program picks up where the book leaves off, going deeper into the 8 change levers and how to implement them in a situation of your choosing.

Frustrated by a conflict with a co-worker?  Stalled by resistance in your team to bring about needed change?  Tackling an organization-wide project requiring cooperation from multiple stakeholders?  All these and more are perfect opportunities to apply what you’ll learn in the Companion Program.

The Do-It-Yourself Change Program

A Streaming Video Series

This streaming self-paced video series focuses on the everyday application of Leverage Change in a wide variety of situations. You’ll gain an in depth understanding of all 8 levers. I’ll explain each one, how to use it, and why it works. We’ll also cover what it looks like to apply more than one lever at a time. The levers will supplement your existing change methods and expand your capabilities. The accompanying pdf workbook is jammed with exercises to stretch your thinking and reframe your approach to change. These learn-by-doing activities will help you see positive results straight away. 

Leverage Change:

A Course in How to Improve Your Change Work 

You want to learn about Leverage Change in a practical get-work-done-well way. The Leverage Change Course is a ten-week experience where you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of the approach and apply them to a live change situation you’re now leading. You’ll start your course with the streaming video series described above, laying the groundwork for a deep understanding of the levers and how you can use them to your advantage. The course will support you in making real change in the real world. You’ll have an opportunity to have questions asked and answered once a week in our learning laboratory. Proven practices of the 8 Levers from my own client work form the foundation of the program. A step-by-step guide to Living Leverage Change will be your roadmap into this world of faster, easier, better results. You’ll learn from others’ experiences plus your own efforts as you witness the power and possibilities of this new approach to change in your daily work.

Becoming a Leverage Change Organization

You’ve witnessed the power and possibilities of applying the Leverage Change paradigm to specific change work in your business and you’re prepared to take its benefits to a whole other level:  organization-wide impact in regular and change work alike. This program brings a comprehensive approach to using Leverage Change to your advantage. Embed the 8 levers into every aspect of your business. Make them the “go to” tools when it comes to creating needed change in your organization. Work directly with our consultants to develop a customized program that will make the levers second nature turbochargers for everyone in your workplace. Integrate them into your onboarding experience for new employees and basic training for everyone else, as central to your daily operations as project management methods and quality processes that ensure you deliver your organization’s best products and services to customers. We’ll work with you to identify the highest impact areas where you can achieve faster, easier, better results first. Then we’ll partner with you to do the important work of adapting our online and in person learning and application strategies to meet your unique needs in these launch sites and elsewhere in your business.

Customized Executive Development Programs

You’re looking to add unique value for leaders in your organization. Something that differentiates your program from all the others. You need it to add immediate and lasting results. Your work is about both learning and application, advancing the company’s agenda while developing new competencies in your executives. Take real problems and develop real solutions. Solutions that can and will get implemented. You want participants to gain insights into seeing change with a fresh perspective through the lens of Leverage Change. Find uncommon wisdom in the 8 levers that will guide them through resolving a host of common problems encountered when trying to bring about any change, anywhere by anyone. These versatile tools can be applied to large and small changes alike. Across the entire organization or on one person’s desk. Learning that sticks over time because it’s demonstrated to make a difference in the session itself. It integrates well with the rest of your programs as the levers “play well with others.”  They supplement your existing curriculum while bringing additional innovative thinking to the table. Enable people to take on their toughest challenges by tackling them in real time during the sessions themselves.