Download Your FREE Guide: 27 Ways to Make Your Change Work Faster, Easier and Better... Immediately!

Download Your FREE Guide: 27 Ways to Make Your Change Work Faster, Easier and Better... Immediately!

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My promise: You will get from Point A to Point B faster, easier and better than you ever imagined.

I help organizations, teams, and individuals make monumental changes.

For more than 35 years I’ve worked in 61 industries, from high tech to manufacturing to hospitality to entertainment to financial services. I’ve consulted to 96 organizations, from Fortune 50 to national non-profits and community theaters. I’ve supported more than 210,000 people directly on important changes to their business. What kinds of changes? Everything from strategy implementation to culture change to mergers and acquisitions and leadership development.

I’ve partnered with CEOs, front-line workers and changemakers in middle management in organizations like Ford, Kraft and Marriott. I’ve also helped create change in the City of New York, U.K.’s National Health Service and the United States Army and Navy. 

Clients call me when they need faster, easier, better results.

People struggle with change. They complain it’s hard, takes too long and is too costly. And, at the end of the day, it’s often ineffective. Why is that?

When most companies try to change, they hire an advisor who takes a fixed approach. It could be 5 or 8 steps or more. They’ve created it. You need to follow it. Their change method isn’t necessarily wrong. It just may not be right for you.


That’s where I come in.

My set of principles work with any system of change you’re using. I call these principles “Levers.” They turbocharge your work, making it possible to achieve results faster, easier and better than you dreamed possible. They help get more done with less. Less confusion, less time wasted and fewer problems. 

Want an example of one of the levers?

Pay Attention to Continuity

Change is a big deal. When we’re trying to change, we pay lots of attention to what we want to do differently. But to pull off an important change, you have to pay attention to something equally as important: what needs to stay the same? I call this important change piece “continuity." Give continuity its due and instead of throwing out the baby with the bathwater, you’ll soon be celebrating a change that’s successful, stable, and lasting. 

There are 7 more Levers. Each makes your change work faster, easier and better.

I’m always thinking,


“To achieve your desired result, what are the few smart actions that will make the biggest difference?”

We’ll get everyone in your organization asking that question. Everyday.
Not just talk, but action and results. 

That’s how I work. It’s what I do.

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Find out how you can achieve results faster, easier and better than you thought possible.